A Novel Planar Scissor Structure Transforming between Concave and Convex Configurations

A Novel Planar Scissor Structure Transforming between Concave and Convex Configurations

M. Yar K. Korkmaz G. Kiper F. Maden Y. Akgün E. Aktas

Izmir Institute of Technology, Turkey

Yas¸ar University, Turkey

Gediz University, Turkey

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In this paper, a novel two-dimensional scissor structure that transforms between concave and convex configurations is presented. The structure is designed by a method of assembling kite or anti-kite loops in the flat configuration. Angulated units are generated from the assembled loops. Finally, a new angulated scissor unit is introduced in order to design the novel scissor structure.


angulated units, anti-kite loops, kite loops, scissor structure


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