Aims and Scope

The IJCMEM covers the latest developments in both computational methods and experimental measurements, with the goal of promoting interaction and harmonious development between these two domains. The journal aims to provide a platform for researchers to review and share their work in these areas, with an emphasis on advancing knowledge and understanding in the field. By facilitating collaboration and cross-disciplinary research, the IJCMEM contributes to the development of innovative solutions that address complex problems across a range of industries and applications.

The IJCMEM welcomes original research papers, technical notes and review articles on the following disciplines:

  • Computer interaction and control of experiments
  • Integration of computational and experimental measurements
  • New developments in computer simulation
  • Direct, indirect and in-situ measurements
  • Industrial applications
  • Material characterisation and testing
  • Thermal Sciences
  • Contact and surface effects
  • Data acquisition, processing and management
  • Applications in engineering and sciences
  • Process control and optimisation
  • Multiscale experiments and modelling
  • Advances in instrumentation
  • Innovative experiments
  • Emerging techniques and materials
  • Experimental validation and verification
  • Environmental damage
  • Nano-methods and processes
  • Interaction between gas, liquids and solids
  • Interface behaviour
  • Severe shock, blast and impact problems
  • Seismic problems
  • Biomedical applications
  • Corrosion problems
  • Risk analysis and vulnerability studies