Aims and Scope

EJEE publishes reviews, research papers, technical notes, and communications. The published articles encompass original research results being of theoretical as well as experimental nature on the following main topics: electric power systems, power electronics and applications, materials and devices, microgrids, energy conversion technologies and systems. High-quality contributions are welcome from both academics and industry working in the field of electrical engineering.

EJEE covers all aspects of electrical engineering including but not limited to:

  • Electric power systems: power grid, distributed generation, HVDC
  • Power electronics and applications: components, packaging, EMC, power converters
  • Materials and devices: magnetic, ferromagnetic, superconducting, dielectric, piezoelectric, actuators, storage devices
  • Microgrids: design, optimization, power management
  • Energy conversion technologies and systems: renewable energy, storage systems, electrical machines, control, diagnosis