Development and characterization of chicken feather rachis, sawdust and HDPE hybrid composite material

Development and characterization of chicken feather rachis, sawdust and HDPE hybrid composite material

Gayatri UppalapatiSrinivasarao Gunji Ramakrishna Malkapuram

Acharya Nagarjuna University, Nagarjuna Nagar, Guntur, AP, India

RVR & JC, Chandramoulipuram, Chowdavaram, Guntur, AP, India

VFSTR, AP, Vadlamudi, India

Corresponding Author Email:
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This paper presents the properties of the high- density polyethylene based hybrid composite made with two natural fibers: chicken feather and sawdust. The composites were produced and fabricated with the aid of two processes they are extrusion and injection molding. These composites were produced with different chicken feather and sawdust ratios (80H-10CF-10SD, 80H-5CF-15SD, and 80H-15CF-5SD). Tensile and Flexural tests were performed using a Universal Testing Machine (UTM) and impact strength was tested with notched Izod impact test method. Results showed that there is an improvement in the different mechanical properties such as tensile, flexural and impact strength because of the addition of chicken feather and sawdust.


composite material, chicken feather, MYK laticrete-latapoxy resin and hardener, strength of composite materials

1. Introduction
2. Materials and methods
3. Testing machines pictures
4. Results
5. Conclusion
6. Applications

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