Forming process of carbon fiber truss bridge units

Forming process of carbon fiber truss bridge units

Li Ji Menglu Wang Meiling Sun Wenlei Zhao Hongmei Wang Hong Zhang*

Qinhuangdao Vocational and Technical College, Qinhuangdao 066100, China

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This paper explores the process of fabricating truss bridge units from high-performance carbon fiber composite. The material, structure and manufacturing process of the units were confirmed through experimental research, and the bridge span of the truss composite structure was analyzed by numerical simulation. The results show that the truss bridge assembled by the carbon fiber composite truss, which was produced via vacuum-assisted integral molding, achieved a good overall performance, and was 38% lighter than steel truss bridge. The proposed process can be applied to set up lightweight highway bridges in an efficient manner for emergency rescue, disaster relief or traffic engineering.


carbon fiber, truss bridge units, forming process, vacuum hot press molding

1. Introduction
2. Structural units of carbon fiber truss bridge
3. Manufacturing process of truss bridge units
4. Truss bridge test and results analysis
5. Conclusions

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