Thermal Equilibrium Analysis of Heavy Oil Box-Type Substation

Thermal Equilibrium Analysis of Heavy Oil Box-Type Substation

Jinxin Zhang Xiaorong Wang* Bo Liu Chenpeng Liu

Institute of Mechanical Engineering Jiang Su University of Science and Technology Zhenjiang, China

Hudong Heavy Machinery Co., Ltd, Shanghai 200129, China

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30 June 2015
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In order to further improve the operating efficiency of the heavy oil box-type substation and reduce the construction cost, through the combination of theoretical analysis and simulation calculation method, this paper established mathematical and physical model of box-type substation outflow field, with a box-type substation as the research object.this work numerically simulated thermal equilibrium distribution under different parameters of box-type substation under two kinds of environmental, respectively getting temperature field distribution of the box-type substation under the calm and natural ventilation environment, obtaining by comparative analysis the influence of calm and natural ventilation environment on temperature field distribution.


box-type substation, thermal equilibrium, numerical simulation

1. Introduction
2. Physical Model
3. Mathematical Model
4. Results Analysis
5. Conclusions

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