Research on Independent College Teachers’ Teaching Ability Based on Factor Analysis in SPSS

Research on Independent College Teachers’ Teaching Ability Based on Factor Analysis in SPSS

Qiuhe Huang Lanyong Wei Haifeng Huo 

Lushan College of Guangxi University Science and Technology, Guangxi 545616, China

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30 September 2014
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Factor analysis and principal component analysis are commonly used in multivariate statistical analysis. We select a sample survey of the status of Guangxi Independent Colleges of teaching ability and their statistical summary results, use statistical software SPSS to carry on the factor analysis, and get comprehensive score. At last, we analyze the influential factors of independent college teaching ability to provide independent college with support and strategy.


independent college; teaching ability; factor analysis; SPSS

1. Introduction
2. Relative Theories of Factor and Mathematical Model
3. Case Study
4. Conclusion and Recommendation

The authors wish to thank the Guangxi Higher Education Teaching Reform Subject of “The research and practice of independent college teachers teaching ability” for contract 2012JGZ153, under which the present work was possible.


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