Distance between Uncertain Random Variables

Distance between Uncertain Random Variables

Yongchao Hou Weicai Peng 

Department of Mathematical Sciences, Chaohu University, Anhui 238000, China

Corresponding Author Email: 
hyc@chu.edu.cn, weicaipeng@126.com
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In order to deal with indeterminacy data involving uncertainty and randomness, uncertain random variable is investigated by many scholars. As an extension of distance between uncertain variables, the definition of distance between uncertain random variables is proposed in this paper. Then, some formulas are provided to calculate distances between particular types of uncertain random variables


uncertainty theory; uncertain random variable; chance measure; distance. 

1. Introduction
2. Preliminary
3. Distance between Uncertain Random Variables
4. Conclusions

This work was supported by the National Natural Science Foundation of China Grant (No.61273044) and the Foundation of Anhui Educational Committee (No. KJ2014A174, No. KJ2011B105).


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