Which Industrial Tourism in Tourcoing? (Area of Lille)

Which Industrial Tourism in Tourcoing? (Area of Lille)

S. Laloyaux

Laboratory TVES –LILLE 1, France

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Tourcoing is a city in the north of France. It is located in the urban area of Lille, along the Belgian border. Tourcoing was developed at the 19th century thanks to textile industry. It is a city marked by an important industrial heritage. This heritage is to be seen particularly in the landscape. The old factories, the mansions, the working houses occupy the whole of the territory. But Tourcoing underwent the consequences of the economic crisis and the decline of textile industry. The social, economic and on the landscape consequences are heavy. Today, Tourcoing tries to recover its attractivity and its economic activities. This urban renewal goes through the valorization of this heritage to develop the industrial tourism. Many actors take part in the development of the tourist activity and the change of the image of the city. For example the city wants to dynamize this image. It created a slogan: « La Créative », to show this will. The city attracts, but it remains in the shade of its neighbors Lille and Roubaix. However, the infrastructures of reception and leisure are numerous, and the projects develop. Many associations take part in it. They are, for example those of former wage earners of textile industry. However, if the wills are real, Tourcoing has not yet reached the image of a great touristic city.


attractiveness, communication, geographical imagination, industrial heritage, industrial tourism, textile, Tourcoing


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