Environmental Pollution from Waste and Biomass Energy Generation

Environmental Pollution from Waste and Biomass Energy Generation

E.C. Rada

University of Trento, Civil, Environmental and Mechanical Department, Trento, Italy

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In the sectors of waste and biomass to energy, some debatable paradigms persist both among the specialists and among the population, concerning the performances of a few energy options. The present article wants to give a contribution to clarify the debate related to three cases: (a) local impact of waste to energy plants, from conventional solutions to innovative ones (thermochemical processes); (b) local impact of Solid Recovered Fuel generation before energy exploitation; (c) local impact of combustion of wood. Three key articles have been selected from the Author’s production (more than one hundred Scopus indexed works) in order to perform a deeper analysis. Results demonstrate that, changing the perspective, some paradigms on the environmental performances of a few waste and biomass options for energy generation must be at least modified.


air, biomass, emission, pollution, waste


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