Hydrogen production from residual biomass via air-steam gasification for a bioenergy-based economy in Sicily

Hydrogen production from residual biomass via air-steam gasification for a bioenergy-based economy in Sicily

Mauro Prestipino Vitaliano Chiodo Susanna Maisano Sebastian Brusca Francesco Urbani Antonio Galvagno 

Department of Engineering, University of Messina, C.da Di Dio, Messina 98166, Italy

Institute CNR-ITAE, via Salita S. Lucia sopra Contesse 5, 98126, Messina, Italy

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This work aims at evaluating the potential impact of hydrogen production in Sicily by citrus peel air-steam gasification. The thermochemical behavior of such feedstock was evaluated in a previous work by means of a bench-scale fluidized bed reactor operate at different temperature and steam to biomass ratios. A virtual scale-up of the gasification system was developed in order to assess the combined hydrogen and power production potential. The downstream processes of syngas, i.e. hydrogen separation through Pressure Swing Adsorption (PSA) and off-gas combustion in engines for power production, were simulated considering the efficiencies reported in literature and datasheets. The results of this study show that, depending on the gasifier operating conditions, from 1,000 to 1,414 t/year of hydrogen can be produced by exploiting the totality of available citrus peel in Sicily (33,000 t/year). It has been estimated that from 927 to 15,900 MWh/year of electricity can be produced, in combination with hydrogen, by internal combustion engines and exported to the national grid, while the recovered heat may be used for the citrus peel drying


bioenergy, hydrogen, biomass gasification, citrus peel

1. Introduction
2. Materials and methods
3. Results and discussion
4. Conclusions

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