Differentiate between two comparative Nano fluids for enhancing the heat transfer coefficient inside the heat exchanger using inserts

Differentiate between two comparative Nano fluids for enhancing the heat transfer coefficient inside the heat exchanger using inserts

Nilesh C. Kanojiya  Achal S Shahare  Ritesh Sambare  Kalyani Sengar 

Mechanical Engineering Département G. H. Raisoni Academy of Engineering & Technology, Nagpur, Maharashtra 440028, India

Mechanical Engineering Département Rajiv Gandhi Collège of Engineering & Research, Nagpur, Maharashtra 440016 India

Corresponding Author Email: 
nckanojiya6@gmail.com; nilesh.kanojiya@raisoni.net
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Investigation was carried out within tube heat transfer enhancement, using copper oxide/water, Titanium oxide/water Nano fluids for turbulent flow in a copper circular tube inserted with perforated twisted strip insert. The copper tube of 15 mm outer diameter and 12 mm inner diameter and test length of 1000 mm was used. Reynolds number varied in the range of 10000 to 40000. The Size of circular hole in the twisted tape insert was taken as 8 mm. Volume concentration of Nano fluid was taken as 0.1%, 0.3% & 0.5%, Heat transfer coefficient & Nusselt number from Gnielinski correlation be compared with results of pure water & Theoretical heat transfer coefficient, Nano fluids by using both hole & without hole insert. Heat transfer coefficient enhancement as compared with the pure water is found to be for Reynolds number of 40000, volume concentration of 0.5% found to be 100.9% without insert, 199.7% with insert as compared with the base fluid i.e. pure water


heat exchangers, titanium oxide & Copper Oxide nanoparticles, nanofluids, heat transfer enhancement, inserts

1. Introduction
2. Experimentation and discussion
3. Discussion on nanofluid properties
4. Observations
5. Result and discussion
6. Discussion on concluding investigation

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