Real-time ECG monitoring system for the assessment of rural cardiac patients

Real-time ECG monitoring system for the assessment of rural cardiac patients

Ramu R.A. Sukesh Kumar 

ECE Dept, RIET, Trivandrum, Kerala, India

Rajiv Gandhi Institute of Development studies, Trivandrum, Kerala, India

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29 December 2017
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5 April 2018
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Patients living in rural areas in India mainly depend on Primary Health Centre (PHC). Due to insufficient and low facility health care center in rural area in India, patients have to depend on nearby cities to get proper treatment. With the help of new technologies and telemedicine we can improve the health care requirements of rural cardiac patients. In this work a telemedicine application for online monitoring and diagnosis of cardiac patient is implemented. A low cost wireless ECG monitoring system called REMS Real –Time ECG Monitoring System is implemented in this work. With the help of this system doctors in a specialty hospital can monitor the patient in a rural Primary Health Centre so that symptoms can be early detected. This helps the doctors to give proper advice to physicians in PHC. The Electrocardiogram (ECG) is wirelessly transmitted from patient side to a laptop in PHC which is configured as local server. The serial ECG data are then transmitted to the web server. Website is created and hosted with server so that doctors can view patient’s ECG after logging on to the web site. Doctor can see the ECG of patients with three previous recordings. Multiple patients ECG from rural areas can be viewed by the doctor in the specialty hospital in real time along with previous three recordings and prescription for analysis.


ECG, PHC, telemedicine, REMS, website

1. Introduction
2. System Description
3. ECG Acquisition System
4. Wireless Transmission
5. Reception and Display of the ECG Signal
6. ECG Display on Laptop Using LabVIEW
7. ECG Display on Local Server
8. ECG Display on Internet
9. Results
10. Conclusion

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