Free Convective Flow of two Immiscible Memory Fluids in an Inclined Channel with Energy Dissipation

Free Convective Flow of two Immiscible Memory Fluids in an Inclined Channel with Energy Dissipation

Debasish Dey* Ashim J. Baruah

Department of Mathematics, Dibrugarh University, Dibrugarh 786 004, Assam, India

Department of Mathematics, Namrup College, Namrup 786623, Assam, India

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27 April 2018
15 June 2018
30 June 2018
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Magnetohydrodynamic (MHD) convection flow problem of two immiscible fluids through an inclined channel in presence of a magnetic field and energy dissipation has been investigated. Both fluids are assumed to be Non-Newtonian. The channel walls are maintained at different temperatures. The resulting coupled and non-linear equations of momentum and energy are solved analytically using the regular perturbation method. Results are computed using MATLAB computer programming. The influence of various parameters on shearing stresses and rate of heat transfers (Nusselt numbers) are discussed with the numerical values.


free convection, two-phase flow/immiscible fluids, memory fluids, energy dissipation, Grashof number

1. Introduction
2. Mathematical formulations:
3. Method of Solution
4. Results and Discussions
5. Conclusions

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