Analysis of pressure influence over heat transfer coefficient on air cooled condenser

Analysis of pressure influence over heat transfer coefficient on air cooled condenser

Yanan Camaraza-MedinaAngel M. Rubio-Gonzales Oscar M. Cruz Fonticiella Osvaldo F. Garcia Morales 

Center of Energy Studies and Environmental Technology, Universidad Central de Las Villas, Santa Clara. (54440), Cuba

Technical Sciences Faculty, Universidad de Matanzas. Matanzas. (44440), Cuba

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31 August 2017
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In this work, the Breshnetzov’s method is used to elaborate a model that is suitable to predict the pressure influence over heat transfer coefficient in air cooled condenser systems (ACC). Independent variables combination generate two not homogeneous expressions, Allow concluded that in ACC pressure is inversely proportional to heat transfer coefficient in a potency 0.7 and then for each kPa of increment in the back pressure of steam turbine, the heat transfer coefficient decrease an 0.95 %. In 714 execute proofs in the expressions developed validity status with Chato’s equation, was verified that the mean deviation is around 3.52% in 92,36 % of execute proofs.


breshnetzov’s method, heat transfer coefficient, independent variables

1. Introduction
2. Methods and validation
3. Conclusions

This work was supported by Doctoral Research Program of Universidad Central de las Villas, Cuba


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