Assessment of Environmental Damages in Case of Flood in Bodva River Basin, Slovakia

Assessment of Environmental Damages in Case of Flood in Bodva River Basin, Slovakia

Martina Zeleňáková Peter Blišťan Ibrahim Alkhalaf Lenka Gaňová Lenka Zvijáková 

Institute of Environmental Engineering, Technical University of Košice, Slovakia

Institute of Geodesy, Cartography and Geographical Information Systems, Technical University of Košice, Slovakia

Slovak Water Management Enterprise, s.c., branch office Košice, Slovakia

Eurodotacie, Erste Group Bank, Košice, Slovakia

31 August 2016
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Environmental and natural values may be affected by floods, despite the fact that floods are to some extent a natural phenomenon. Effects of floods can take many forms, physical damage, injury, death, environmental pollution, etc. A significant part of the environmental damage, the leakage of harmful substances that may be in various forms, affects ecosystems long after the flood. In the case of flood, the main damages on the environment may occur as a consequence of accidents at sources of pollution. The issue of pollution sources is a key area of environmental protection. While pollution from point sources can be disposed by suitable technology, for diffuse pollution it is essential to propose preventive measures that create conditions to prevent contamination. The purpose of this paper is to assess the impacts of the sources of pollution during floods in the catchment of Bodva River, situated in the south-east part of the Slovak Republic. We stated the classification of sources of pollution according to the degree of danger for environment and quantification of their impact on the environment by weighting method. Each source of pollution was divided into categories according to different criteria based on literature studying, consultation and experiences. The results from evaluation proved no significant environmental pollution of the studied catchment in the case of flood. Anyway in the evaluated area, the Bodva River basin, there is a need to ensure effective flood control measures not only for protection but also in terms of economic, social and environmental issues. Evidence that flood protection and prevention are justified and must be one of the most important parts of spatial planning is critical to recurrent flood damage.


Bodva basin, flood risk, sources of pollution


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