Study on the Safety Management of Toxic Gas Cylinder Distribution Using RFID

Study on the Safety Management of Toxic Gas Cylinder Distribution Using RFID

Bo-Hee Song Jin-Han Lee Young-Do Jo Ki-Dong Park 

Korea Gas Safety Corporation, South Korea

30 June 2016
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The usage of toxic gas has increased consistently by the needs of the high-tech industry. Unfortunately, the number of toxic gas accident has also increased and it might cause huge human and material damage which is occurred by toxic gas leakage and diffusion. Mainly, toxic gases are stored in cylinders, however, there is a high probability of abusing to terrorism for toxic gas cylinder and operators dealing with toxic gas manage their toxic gas cylinder individually. For these reasons, toxic gas cylinder needs tracking management on a national level. In this study, it suggests that the tracking management system of toxic gas cylinder using RFID (Radio-Frequency identification), which is able to handle systematically by data integrating with equal cylinder distribution in each company. It is essential that the data integration system of toxic gas cylinder must establish a standardized ID on each cylinder and manage the history of cylinder distribution on existing each system. This system is operating preliminarily on the three sites to verify. It is expected that accidents caused by terror will be dramatically reduced and the most advanced level of safety control will be achieved


cylinder, distribution, toxic gas, RFID, tracking system.


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