Design and Evaluation of the Detection System for Uniform Dressing/Undressing Using Intra-Body Communication Technology

Design and Evaluation of the Detection System for Uniform Dressing/Undressing Using Intra-Body Communication Technology

M. Fujikawa M. Nishigaki M. Yoshizawa K. Furusawa S. Tsujii 

Sohgo Security Services Co., Ltd. (ALSOK), Japan

Shizuoka University, Japan

Tokyo Metropolitan College of Industrial Technology, Japan

Mitsuya Laboratories Inc., Japan

R&D Initiative, Chuo University, Japan

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The authors developed a new uniform dressing/undressing detection system. This system utilizes intra-body communication technology in the form of a sensor to detect whether the uniform is worn or not. Problems associated with conventional uniform dressing/undressing detection systems using ultrasonic sensors are eliminated owing to the use of intra-body communication technology. High practicality, reliability, and safety of the proposed system were demonstrated by installing and experimenting the system in an actual uniform.


Abuse of uniforms, intra-body communication, social engineering


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