The Role of the Cargo Consolidation Center in Urban Logistics System

The Role of the Cargo Consolidation Center in Urban Logistics System

M. Jacyna

Department of Logistics and Transport Systems, Warsaw University of Technology, Poland

31 January 2013
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The paper presents some results of research on city logistics systems performed within the frame of the project ‘The model of logistics system of Poland as a way to transport co-modality in the EU’. The main objective of this paper is to present problems of logistics services for urban agglomeration by using Cargo Consolidation Centers. The general form of two-step logistics services for the city provided by Cargo Consolidation Centers and City Transshipment Hubs are presented. The elements of the logistics system, including CCC, supplying goods to customers located in the cities and also relationships between them were identified. Two-stage system was enriched by appropriate optimization task formulated to minimize logistics servicing costs. Practical application of the proposed approach was presented on the example of selected district of Warsaw.


cargo consolidation center, city logistics, urban logistics system model, urban transshipment hubs


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