A Sustainable Requalification of Bracciano Lake Waterfront in Trevignano Romano

A Sustainable Requalification of Bracciano Lake Waterfront in Trevignano Romano

D. Astiaso Garcia F. Cumo  E. Pennacchia  V. Sforzini 

DIAEE, Department of Astronautic, Energetic and Electric engineering, Sapienza University of Rome, Italy

CITERA, Interdepartmental Centre for Territory, Building, Conservation and Environment, Sapienza University of Rome, Italy

1 April 2015
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This paper describes the first interventions carried out in accordance with the results of the three years bilateral research SoURCE (Sustainable Urban Cell) performed by CITERA (Inter department Centre for Territory, Building, Conservation and Environment) of the Sapienza University of Rome and the Department of Urban Planning and Environment of the Royal Institute of Technology of Stockholm (KTH) regarding urban redevelopment and distributed micro-generation of buildings. The location is the municipality of Trevignano Romano in the area (urban cell) of the lake waterfront aimed at the integration of all facilities that will increase the tourist accommodation of the area. The concept of the project is to utilize empty spaces, in all lake waterfronts, for the construction of public toilets and showers, introduction of electric boat and bike rental for sightseeing with charging stations and construction of an energy efficient wooden prefabricated building to be used as a general shop for tourists (closest analogue service is about 3 km). The research is included in the executive programme for the scientific and technical cooperation between the Kingdom of Sweden and the Republic of Italy, in the area defined ‘Energy and Environment: Sustainable Cities’.


Eco-compatible materials, renewable energies, sustainable mobility, sustainable tourist accommodation


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