Experimental investigation of heat transfer in a vertical annulus with a bottom heated rotating inner cylinder

Experimental investigation of heat transfer in a vertical annulus with a bottom heated rotating inner cylinder

Muhammad F. EjazShehryar Manzoor 

Mechanical Engineering Department, University of Engineering & Technology, Taxila 47050, Pakistan

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5 March 2018
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2 April 2018
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Due to several engineering applications of heat transfer in confined enclosures, it has been an attractive topic for the researchers. The presented research is also an important contribution in this massive research area. Effects of a bottom heated rotating cylinder in a vertical annulus has been experimentally studied with respect to heat transfer parameters. Bottom heating of inner cylinder triggers a buoyancy-driven flow of air within the annulus and heat transfer due to this heating is studied against the rotation of the inner cylinder. Thus, a simultaneous effect of bottom heating and rotation of inner cylinder on heat transfer is inspected. The experimental setup of presented research consists of two seamless mild steel cylinders, a mild steel bottom heating plate, wireless data acquisition system and a rotational mechanism for the inner cylinder. A series of experiments are carried out for bottom heated plate temperature ranging from 313 K to 333 K and rotational Reynolds number of inner cylinder from 0 – 1660. The experimental results are presented in the form of a quantitative analysis of measured steady-state temperatures and non-dimensional parameters of heat transfer such as local Nusselt number, local Rayleigh number and Gr/ReΩ2. It is noted that the rotation of inner cylinder is effectual to enhance the heat transfer within the annulus by altering heat transport mechanisms. Moreover, the rotational effects deteriorate the influence of buoyancy at high rotational Reynolds number.


experimental investigation, heat transfer, heat transport mechanisms, vertical annulus, buoyancy-driven flow, rotating inner cylinder

1. Introduction
2. Experimental Setup and Procedures
3. Results and Discussion
4. Conclusions

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