Numerical Analysis of Thermal Performance in a Finned Cylinder for Latent Heat Thermal System (LHTS) Applications

Numerical Analysis of Thermal Performance in a Finned Cylinder for Latent Heat Thermal System (LHTS) Applications

Ahmadpour V.Ahmadi N. Rezazadeh S. Sadeghiazad M. 

Urmia University of Technology, Mechanical Engineering Department, Farhang street number 177, Valfajr blvd, Urmia, Iran

Urmia University, Mechanical Engineering Department, Iran

Corresponding Author Email:
30 June 2013
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In this paper a two- dimensional numerical model has been studied to investigate the effects of radial fins in an annulus cylinder type for latent thermal energy storage system and the heat transfer improvement in solidification process of a phase change material (PCM) with an imposed temperature to inner tube wall by using of finite volume technique. To validate the model, results are compared with available published literature. Grid independence of prepared in- house codes for various mesh numbers has been examined, also effect of different time steps has been investigated. Simulations have been carried out for different geometrical parameters of system and wall condition. The results show significant differences with use of fins in system's thermal performance compared to a bare one. Results depict that increasing wall temperature difference; fin length and number improve thermal performance and give a shorter freezing time that is a desired practical aims.


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