Numerical Simulation and Modeling of Unsteady Flow Around an Airfoil.

Numerical Simulation and Modeling of Unsteady Flow Around an Airfoil.

Madani Y.H. Bensaada M. 

Département de Génie Mécanique, Laboratoire RTFM ENSET, Oran, Algeria

30 June 2013
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During this work, we simulated an unsteady flow around an airfoil type NACA0012 using the Fluent software. The objective is to control the code on the one hand and on the other hand the simulation of unsteady flows. By simulating an unsteady flow Reynolds number (Re = 6.85106) and Mach number (M = 0.3), we have the flowing with a grid (mesh) adequate numerical results and experimental data are in good agreement. To represent the results of the simulation we have validated by comparing the values of aerodynamic coefficients with those of experimental data.


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