Support for Crisis Management at the Time of Floods

Support for Crisis Management at the Time of Floods

Martina Zeleňáková Mária Šugareková Peter Mésároš

Department of Environmental Engineering, Technical University of Košice, Slovakia

Department of Construction Technology and Management, Technical University of Košice, Slovakia

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This paper is focused on assessing the effects of floods on selected components of the environment. The components include the impact of floods on the population, water conditions, soil, fauna, flora and their habitats, the structure and use of the landscape, protected areas and their protection zones, for the territorial system of ecological stability, for the urban complex and land use, for cultural and historical monuments, cultural values of an intangible nature and for archaeological and paleontological sites and important geological localities. The basic principle of the methodology is the calculation of the risk index – an estimate of the level of risk that the proposed activity represents for the environment. The risk analysis is based on the principle that stressors are associated with the proposed activity, which poses a certain risk to the components of the environment. This can be quantified by calculating the individual risk for each identified environmental impact of the stressor. In summary, the total risk can be calculated, which represents what risk the proposed activity poses to the environment and human health. The calculated value of total risk represents very low level of risk in the addressed river basin. As a proposal for measures in the event of floods, a Draft Protocol providing health and social care in case of floods is created. The Draft Protocol may be used as a supplement to the Flood Management Plan from the point of view of providing health and social care.


environmental components, flood, flood impact assessment


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