N. Marchettini
F. Morandin
M. Rigato
E. Tiezzi
E.B.P. Tiezzi

Department of Chemistry, University of Siena, Italy.

Department of Physics, University of Siena, Italy.

Department of Mathematical Sciences “Roberto Magari”, University of Siena, Italy.

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The fascinating study of biological evolution has not yet provided answers about what separates living from inanimate matter. Although evolution is evidently part of a programme involving self-organization, it is unclear whether this programme is part of an established plan. Time plays a complex fundamental role, but no precise definition of time has yet been proposed. However, connections between modern theories, especially Prigogine’s irreversibility and Tiezzi’s ecodynamics, provide a macroscopic view of the world that enables comparison of the different levels that compose it.


entropy, self-organization, time


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