Economic and Technological Priorities of Competitive Development of Russian Systems of Energy Cogeneration Sources

Economic and Technological Priorities of Competitive Development of Russian Systems of Energy Cogeneration Sources

A. Domnikov G. Chebotareva L. Domnikova 

Academic Department of banking and investment management, Ural Federal University named after the first President of Russia B.N. Yeltsin, Russia

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The article studies the problem of evaluation of competitive advantages of energy cogeneration sources (ECS) included in centralised and decentralised systems of energy cogeneration. For this purpose, a methodological apparatus has been developed to evaluate the effectiveness of business processes, and competitive cogeneration plants adapted to the market exploitation conditions have been chosen.

The methodological framework for conducting a comprehensive economic assessment of business processes in development of competitive advantages of cogeneration energy has been developed, which ensures improvement of the capacities structure and optimisation of fuel consumption in territorial energy generating companies, and allows choosing the most competitive options for the development of cogeneration energy sources of various types and capacities with consideration of the competitive environment on the electric and thermal energy markets. The proposed methodological approach makes it possible to reveal the economic and technological priorities for the development of ECS in regional energy systems and can be spread to the developing economies within the BRICS.

In the course of the study, it was found out, that the development of competitive advantages of energy sources cogeneration may be based on implementing the following business processes: optimisation of generating capacities and fuel consumption structure, technical re-equipment, reconstruction, expansion of existing and construction of new cogeneration energy sources.


cogeneration systems, competitive development, energy


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