On a Maturity Model for Complexity, Complex Systems, and Complex Systems Engineering

On a Maturity Model for Complexity, Complex Systems, and Complex Systems Engineering

B.E. White

Complexity Are Us←Systems Engineering Strategies, USA

1 October 2016
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Complexity, complex systems, complex systems engineering, and other related terms are defined. As yet not enough about these topics is broadly known, understood, and applied to claim the existence of a maturity model. Nonetheless, one can contemplate what might constitute such a model and to begin its development. Ways of stimulating a more effective maturation process are suggested. Criteria are outlined for recognizing when maturity is approached. An initial draft maturity model is offered that includes examples of complexity, a collection of complex system characteristics, behaviors, and problems; a set of complex systems engineering principles for attacking and making progress in alleviating the world’s more difficult problems, and an assessment of systems engineering practices. The main objective is to stimulate further thinking on these topics with the goal of constructing an improved maturity model through the collective interactions of interested parties.


complex systems, complex systems engineering, complexity, maturity models, system of systems, systems engineering


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