Impact of the threshold value issue of laser on quantitative analysis in Raman spectrometry

Impact of the threshold value issue of laser on quantitative analysis in Raman spectrometry

David Siniscalco Nicolas Delorme Patrick Simon Jean-François Bardeau 

Institut des Molécules et Matériaux du Mans (IMMM-UMR CNRS 6283) Université du Maine, av. Olivier Messiaen, 72085 Le Mans Cedex, France

CEMHTI UPR CNRS 3079, Université d’Orléans 45071, 1D av. de la recherche scientifique, 45071 Orléans Cedex 2, France

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During a Raman spectroscopy experiment, measurement can be affected both by the excitation wavelength, the laser power and the exposure time. It is generally accepted that the Raman signal will be doubled if the laser power is doubled. However, we show in this paper that for low values of power if we take into account the value indicated by the output laser diode, it can cause dramatic errors in the quantitative comparison of Raman signal. We evidence this impact particularly on the analysis of two materials and we indicate the precautions to be taken to compare results with high reliability specifically when Raman spectra are recorded under different conditions. A simple calibration method is then proposed.


Raman spectroscopy, reliability, laser power, time, wavelength.

1. Introduction
2. Théorie de l’effet Raman
3. Matériels et méthodes
4. Résultats expérimentaux
5. Conclusion

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