Groundwater dynamics in Ennuhud Basin, Kordofan Region, Sudan

Groundwater dynamics in Ennuhud Basin, Kordofan Region, Sudan

Asim A. Elmansour Elnazir G. Elseed 

Department of Geology, Faculty of Science, University of Kordofan, Elobeid 51111, Sudan

Secretary for Academic Affairs, Colledge of El Imam El Hadi, Umdurman 11112, Sudan

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19 October 2018
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3 December 2018
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The study aims to deduce the physical and hydraulic characteristics of the aquiferous horizons, the dynamism and recharge potentialities of groundwater in En Nuhud basin. Geological, hydrogeological and pumping test observations were used to achieve the mentioned objectives. A complex flow direction imply a regional trend from north to the south with hydraulic gradient about (1.4*10-4), but varied local flow directions and hydraulic gradients are also observed. Groundwater fluxes show that the water in the basin circulates with some hydrogeological bodies within the Basement in the western part. Confined aquifers are characterized by weak confining pressure; very small rising of water level above the saturation limits in many wells is recorded.  The values of hydraulic conductivity assign that the dominant size in the aquifer material is the coarse sand, followed by fine sand size, then medium sand and lastly the gravel size. Transmissivity obtained from the tested wells ranges from v. high to medium. The sources of recharge to the aquifer system are from the boundary of the basin, the seepage below the surface water courses and recharge potentials through weak zones along fractures dissecting the area. Based on many observations on the water levels in boreholes presently safe abstraction from the basin is assumed. High regulated work and precisely performed process in the future is required to answer the question of the water balance in the area.


Ennuhud basin, groundwater fluxes, hydraulic gradient, hydraulic parameters, rechadge

1. Introduction
2. Scope and Justifications of the Study
3. Methodology
4. Geology
5. Results
6. Discussion
7. Conclusion

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