A review of energy harvesting technology and its potential applications

A review of energy harvesting technology and its potential applications

Indrajit SilSagar Mukherjee Kalyan Biswas 

ECE Department, MCKV Institute of Engineering, Howrah 711204, India

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In the recent years, obtaining a sustainable form of energy to power various autonomous wireless & portable devices is increasingly becoming a matter of concern & various alternate sources of energy have been explored. The concept of power harvesting works towards developing self-powered devices that do not require replaceable power supplies. This paper discusses energy harvesting or energy scavenging as an efficient approach to cater to the energy needs of portable electronics, review recent advancement in the field of power harvesting & present the current state of power harvesting in its drive to create completely self-powered devices.


Energy Harvesting, Piezoelectric, Thermal, Thermoelectric, Vibration.

1. Introduction
2. Source of Energy Harvesting
3. Application of Energy Harvesting
4. Current Status of Energy Harvesting Techniques
5. Conclusions

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