Fault Eccentricity Diagnosis in Variable Speed Induction Motor Drive Using DWT

Fault Eccentricity Diagnosis in Variable Speed Induction Motor Drive Using DWT

Rouaibia Reda Arbaoui Fayçal Bahi Tahar

Faculty of Sciences and Technology University Mohamed-Cherif Messaadia LEER Lab Souk Ahras, Algeria.

Department of Electronics Engineering Badji Mokhtar University LASA Lab Annaba, Algeria.

Department of Electrical Engineering Badji Mokhtar University LASA Lab Annaba, Algeria.

Corresponding Author Email: 
rouaibia.reda@hotmail.com; arbaoui@univ-annaba.org; tbahi@hotmail.fr
26 December 2017
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26 December 2017
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This paper describes the monitoring and diagnosis of eccentricity fault in variable speed induction motor drive. The used control technique is the indirect field oriented control (IFOC) fuzzy logic based controller to ensure the robust speed regulation and to compensate the fault effects. The variable speed induction motor can be affected by various kinds of faults. Airgap eccentricity is one of the major defects occurring in such electric drives; its detection could be useful for preventing potential catastrophic failures. A dynamic model taking into account the faults is proposed based on the approach of magnetically coupled coils to simulate the behavior of eccentricity faults in induction motor. This work presents two approaches for diagnosis and detection of eccentricity faults and evaluation of their severity based on monitoring of the stator current signals, using Park vector method and discrete wavelet transform (DWT) with different approaches to distinguish healthy as well as faulty conditions of the machine. The obtained simulation results via the proposed technique allow detection and diagnosis of eccentricity fault and identify their severity.


Fuzzy logic controller, Diagnosis, Induction motor, Mixed eccentricity, Discrete wavelet transform.

1. Introduction
2. Dynamical Equations of the Induction Motor
3. Indirect Field Oriented Control
4. Fuzzy Logic Controller
5. Eccentricity Fault Model
6. Fault Detection Methods
7. Simulation and Interpretation

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