Special Issue: Sustainability Development through Green Economics-A New Paradigm in the World of Business

Special Issue: Sustainability Development through Green Economics-A New Paradigm in the World of Business

Sustainable development nourishes the present's essentials without compromising future generations' ability to do the same. All economies have standards and restrictions that reward certain behaviors and punish others. Our extant economic models stimulate profligate spending, undermine social cohesion, and deplete our natural capital. But that's how things have evolved in how our economies function; it's not a given. Green Economy is a new economic paradigm that may help us deal with these problems. Instead of replacing sustainable development, the idea of a "green economy" brings attention back to the region's economy, investments in infrastructure, jobs, and skills needed, and favorable social and environmental consequences. The three main characteristics of a green economy are its minimal carbon footprint, its efficiency in using resources, and its commitment to improving people's lives. Government and private partnership in financial activities, infrastructure, and assets that entitle to environmental benefits such as lower carbon emissions and pollution, augmented energy and resource efficiency, and the prevention of biodiversity and ecosystem service loss drives economic growth and prosperity in a green economy. The term "sustainability" is used in the business world to describe an organization's approach to minimising the negative effects on the local ecosystem caused by its activities. Environmental, social, and governance (ESG) measures are often used in assessments of a company's efforts towards sustainability.

Tentative Covered Area

  • Sustainable finance and impact investing

  • Management control and environmental auditing

  • The Economics of Climate Change

  • Sustainable Finance

  • Economic policy for sustainability

  • Green business models

  • Investment trends in green financing

  • Fin tech vs Sustainable development

  • Machine Learning, Artificial intelligence and climate change

  • Impact investing and energy transition

  •  Climate risk, stress test

  • Social and environmental accounting

  • Economic consequences of sustainable development

  • Marketing and sustainability

  • Energy efficient projects

  • Concept of sustainable energy

Greening of industry and contributing towards greening of nations account

Lead Guest Editor

Dr. Sanjay Taneja, Associate Professor, USB, Chandigarh University, Mohali (India)

Post Doc fellow, Usak University, Turkey. (drsanjaytaneja1@gmail.com)

Guest Editors

Dr. Pawan Kumar, Chandigarh university, Gharuan, Mohali, Punjab, Russia (pawan2006@gmail.com)

Dr. Esmail Mahmoodi, Shahrood, University of Latvia, Latvia (esmahmoodi@shahroodut.ac.ir)

Deadline for submissions: 22 October, 2023

All manuscripts and any supplementary material should be submitted via the OJS of International Journal of Sustainable Development and Planning, available at https://iieta.org/journals/ijsdp/Submission. When submitting the paper please select "Sustainability development through green economics-A new paradigm in the world of business" as the article type.