About Iieta

Who We Are

Since 2013, International Information and Engineering Technology Association (IIETA) is a scholarly society based in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada (reg # 5017882944 Alberta).  We support student and scholar-based research and academic exchange activities.  All of our journals are published in English.

Canada headquarters

#2020, Scotia Place Tower One, 10060 Jasper Ave, Edmonton, AB T5J 3R8, Canada

Phone: 1-825-436-9306

Fax: 1-780-341-0600

For contact information see here.

Our Mandate

IIETA is a self-funded organization dedicated to research, education, advocacy, and action in the public interest. It exists to provide students and scholars with a platform to promote academic research in their respective fields. We believe, by providing students and scholars with the information and tools they need, the more competent they will be in their own research area.

What We Do

We publish open access journals, organize international conferences, symposia and workshops dedicated to facilitating the exchange of highly peer-reviewed scientific knowledge for our members and external profession. We provide the administrative, informational and technological resources to help advance our members’ research to a higher level. IIETA provides the very best service in proofreading, copy-editing and English language services to our members.


IIETA exists for the benefit of both the public and its registered members. IIETA provides its members with a professional association of peers with whom they can learn, grow, and liaise. Our goal is to achieve and maintain high levels of quality, uniqueness, relevance, and innovation. IIETA offers peer review, professional editing and publication services to its members which enable researchers to get their articles published with great ease.