VOL. 65, NO. 7, July 2017

Research and application of technology of gob-side entry retaining by roof cutting pressure relief in Jiaozishan coal mine


Guo Hongjun, Zhang Yanhui. Zhao Yongping, Ji Ming, Chen Yiqi and Tian Yifan

Selection of Lidar technology for limestone quarry in Thailand


Ramesh Murlidhar Bhatawdekar, Edy Tonnizam Mohamad and T. N. Singh

Bayesian inference of structural equation modelling in mine accident and safety research – an approach


Aveek Mangal and P. S. Paul

Study on the coal seam dynamic damage evolution during coal seam pulse water infusion


Meng Junqing, Nie Baisheng, Zhao Bi and Ma Yechao

Wind generated electricity from exhaust mine ventilation fans – a conceptual approach


A. K. Mukhopadhyay, Jitender Kumar Saini and Mihir Datta

Geological modelling of a deposit and application using Surpac


Maitreya Mohan Sahoo and B. K. Pal