IIETA is growing stronger to facilitate academic exchange in different ways more than publishing journals. We would like very much to offer our time, energy and resources if you, as a co-author, a conference participant or a researcher, seek help in the following aspects. Just contact whenever you have any idea or need related to these services.


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Fast Track

Ph.D. candidates who are submitting a paper for publication for the first time, often face the added stress of deadlines. Waiting for a prospective publisher to complete the peer review and editing processes, without any clear time frames stated, can be a very apprehensive experience.

In our ongoing efforts to encourage and support young scholars, IIETA now offers a Fast Track Processing service for the journals EESRJ, MMEP and RCES, including an expedited peer review process, for first-time authors who are in a Ph.D. program. Within three days after submission, IIETA shall provide the author an estimated date by which they can expect to receive comments from peer reviewers, with a view to keeping the peer review process under four weeks. From this point, the author will have to wait no longer than an additional two weeks for a decision from the editor-in-chief to accept, revise or reject.

This can be achieved, with no diminishment in quality, simply by giving priority to these papers and choosing peer reviewers who feel confident in advance that they will be able to complete their review and comments within the agreed upon time frame.

Along with our policy of no-fee processing and publishing, we hope that this assurance of a predictable time frame will make the experience of publishing for the first-time to be as smooth and predictable as possible.