VOL. 65, NO. 10, October 2017

Similitude model experiments for studying slip-buckling failures in high and steep side slopes set along the bedding plane of layered rocks


Yiming Wen, Yong Cheng, Wei Liang, Chong Chen, Xiaoyan Zeng, Wei Sun and You Lin

Experimental study on prevention and control of coal-bed methane (CBM) through mining of the protective seam of multiple coal seams


Dongfang Xu, Tao Feng, Jing Yang and Zuoya Qin

Experimental study on the change features of infrasonic waves in coal sample loading


Jia Bing, Wen Zhihui and Wang Qingjun

Study on the application of double corridor project in managing geological defects affecting transmission lines in mining areas


Tao Guo, Jianhua Yang and Lei Shi

Patterns of powder transport by spiral drill pipes at different powder inputs and rotation rates


Fei Xue and Baisheng Nie

Enhanced oil recovery mechanism of geological research of tight tuff in Tiaohu formation in Santanghu basin


Wen Jing Liu Changdi, Yao Mengduo, He Yongming and Luo Wei

Stability analysis of high-steep mining slope based on clustering and unascertained measuring method


Jinchun Xue, Weifang Huang and Jiefang Jin

Study on the foundations of transmission lines in mining area with the risk of geological hazards


Liu Chao, Yang Jianhua and Zhou Zhenfeng

Mineral composition and brittleness of Lower Cambrian Niutitang formation shale in northwest Hunan


Zhen Zhang, Wen Pang, Linting Zhang, Peng Jiao and Xikai Wang

Research on infrared image SVM segmention algorithm for mine drilling and rescue


Fei Jinbiao, Wen Hu and Zhang Duo

Pozzolanic reactivity and hydration products of epidote


Chao Ren, Keqing Li, Wen Ni, Biyao Geng, Xiaowei Cui and Jiajia Wang

Application of hollow grouted anchor cable in coal roadway of compound roof


Mingzhou Zhao, Renshu Yang and Juan Fang

Experimental research on device with multi-turn overlapping loops by applying mine TEM


Yunbo Li