Vol 89, No 1, March 2016

Modelling and simulation of electric power transmission line current as wave


G. Leonidopoulos

Numerical modal analysis of a suspen dome with Carbon Fibber Reinforced Polymer tensegrity system


IfeOlorun Olofin, Ronggui Liu

Effects of impactor and other geometric parameters on impact behavior of frp laminated composite plate


Md. Muslim Ansari, Anupam Chakrabarti, M Ashraf Iqbal

Design of concentric circular antenna arrays for sidelobe reduction using differential evolution algorithm


G. S. K. Gayatri Devi, G.S.N.Raju, P.V.Sridevi

Pattern synthesis using accelerated particle swarm optimization


P.A. Sunny Dayal, G.S.N. Raju, S. Mishra

Analysis of S-X band slot coupled wave guide junction


P. Ujjvala Kanthi Prabha, G.S.N. Raju, V.K.Varma Gottumukkala

Radial Active Magnetic Bearing Control using Fuzzy Logic


Nabila. Boubaya, Belhamdi Saad, Morad. Maazouz

Harmonic analysis of a saturated iron-core superconducting fault current limiter using Jiles-Atherton hysteresis model


D. Sarkar, D. Roy, A. B. Choudhury, S. Yamada

Dynamic performance analysis of the induction motor drive fed by current-source based on Ansoft


Zhen Guo, Jiasheng Zhang, Changming Zheng, Zhenchuan Sun

The calculation for the induced magnetic field of ferromagnetic objects based on scalar potential integral equation


Qiang Bian, Xiang-jun Wang, Yu-de Tong, Guo-hua Zhou

Modeling and simulation of grid-connected inverter based on out-loop power control and experimental verification


Peifeng Xu, Kai Shi, Dean Zhao, Rongke Liu, Yi Zhu

Design and implementation of the power battery management system of photovoltaic power generation based on bi-directional DCDC equalization control


Chunyan Xu, Chengjun Xie, feng Jiang, Jinyan Zhao

Multidimensional coordinated optimal dispatching method for AC/DC hybrid distribution network


X.H. Wang, N.S. Chen, T.J. Pu1, S.J. Xu, C.P. Wang

Research of a high-precision high-power-factor switching power supply


Zhi Cui, Xianpu Cui

New residual current compensation method for single-phase grounding fault in power network based on capacitive current detection and analysis


Jia Chenxi, Qiu Wenning, Pu Xinzhen

Analyses on the dynamic characteristic of power coupling mechanism during engine starting in hybrid electric vehicle


Liao Lianying, Zuo Yanyan, Zeng Xianren, Meng Haodong,Yang Zhongkai

Multi-objective optimal scheduling method for power system based on wind power accommodation


Guanwu Lin, Xiaolan Wang