Vol 34, No 3, September 2016

LBM Simulation of Heat Transfer in Solid Oxide Fuel Cell


Imen Mejri, Ahmed Mahmoudi, Mohamed A. Abbassi and Ahmed Omri

DOI: 10.18280/ijht.340301

Double – Diffusive Convection of Non – Newtonian Walters’ (MODELB′) Viscoelastic Fluid through Brinkman Porous Medium with Suspended Particles


K. Thirumurugan and R. Vasanthakumari

DOI: 10.18280/ijht.340302

Relation Degree Analysis of Controllable Factors in the Bitumen Foaming Process


Haiying Cheng, Fudong Wei, Tao Yang and Yongfeng Zhao

DOI: 10.18280/ijht.340303

Boundary Layer Flow Of Silver and Titaniumoxide Nanofluids over Vertical Stretching Sheet


Pragya and R. Vasanthakumari

DOI: 10.18280/ijht.340304

Fluid Flow and Heat Transfer in Porous Media and Post Heated Obstacle: Lattice Boltzmann Simulation


S. Chatti, C. Ghabi and A. Mhimid

DOI: 10.18280/ijht.340305

Design and Implementation of Internal Model Control and Particle Swarm Optimization Based PID for Heat Exchanger System


E. Kesavan, N. Gowthaman, S. Tharani, S. Manoharan and E. Arunkumar

DOI: 10.18280/ijht.340306

Finite Element Simulation for Heatline Visualization of Natural Convective Flow and Heat Transfer inside a Prismatic Enclosure


M. S. Alam, M. M. Rahman, S. Parvin and K. Vajravelu

DOI: 10.18280/ijht.340307

Numerical Study on Heat Transfer Enhancement through a Circular Duct Fitted With Centre-Trimmed Twisted Tape


Suvanjan Bhattacharyya, Himadri Chattopadhyay and Satyaki Bandyopadhyay

DOI: 10.18280/ijht.340308

Experimental Study on the Hygrothermal Performance of Zeolite-Based Humidity Control Building Materials


Bo Zhou and Zhenqian Chen

DOI: 10.18280/ijht.340309

Dusty Hydromagnetic Oldryod Fluid Flow in a Horizontal Channel with Volume Fraction and Energy Dissipation


Debasish Dey

DOI: 10.18280/ijht.340310

Improved Aziz Prediction Model of Pressure Gradient for Multiphase Flow in Wells


Mengxia Li, Ruiquan Liao, Wei Luo and Yong Dong

DOI: 10.18280/ijht.340311

Large Eddy Simulation of the PVC Behavior in both Non-Reacting and Reacting Flows with Different Reynold Numbers


Shi Li, Fu Zhongguang, Shen Yazhou, Wang Ruixin and Zhang Hui

DOI: 10.18280/ijht.340312

Effects of the Geometry Scale on the Behaviour of the Local Physical Process of the Velocity Field in the Laminar Flow


Yahia Lasbet, Lakhdar Aidaoui and Khaled Loubar

DOI: 10.18280/ijht.340313

Turbulent Mixed Convection in Enclosure Containing a Circular/Square Heat Source


Said Bouabdallah, Djalloul Chati, Badia Ghernaout, Aissa Atia and Aissa Laouirate

DOI: 10.18280/ijht.340314

Experimental Study of Gas-Liquid Two-Phase Flow for High Velocity in Inclined Medium Size Tube and Verification of Pressure Calculation Methods


Wei Luo, Yong Li, Wang Qinghua, Junliang Li, Ruiquan Liao and Zilong Liu

DOI: 10.18280/ijht.340315

Energetic and Economic Analysis of Shading Effects on PV Panels Energy Production


A. Malara, C. Marino, A. Nucara, M. Pietrafesa, F. Scopelliti and G. Streva

DOI: 10.18280/ijht.340316

Application of Sampling Method Based on Negative Pressure Pneumatic Conveying in Soft Coal Seam


Hongtu Zhang , Jianping Wei, Yungang Wang, Zhihui Wen and Banghua Yao

DOI: 10.18280/ijht.340317

Influence of Dense Phase CO2 Pipeline Transportation Parameters


D. Wang, Y. D. Zhang, Emmanuel Adu, J. P. Yang, Q.W. Shen, Lei Tian and Lijuan Wu

DOI: 10.18280/ijht.340318

Analysis of a Concentrating Solar Power Tower Operating with a Closed Joule Brayton Cycle and Thermal Storage


F. Rovense, M. Amelio, V. Ferraro and N. M. Scornaienchi

DOI: 10.18280/ijht.340319

A Methodology for the Generation of Energy Consumption Profiles in the Residential Sector


Giovanni Puglisi, Fabio Zanghirella, Paola Ungaro and Giuliano Cammarata

DOI: 10.18280/ijht.340320

Reducing the Demand of Energy Cooling in the CED, “Centers of Processing Data”, with Use of Free-Cooling Systems


G. Cannistraro, M. Cannistraro, A. Cannistraro, A. Galvagno and G. Trovato

DOI: 10.18280/ijht.340321

CFD Modeling of Natural Convection in Right-Angled Triangular Enclosures


Seyed Milad Mirabedin

DOI: 10.18280/ijht.340322

Drainage Radius after High Pressure Water Jet Slotting Based on Methane Flow Field


Binwei Xia, Binqin Zhao, Yiyu Lu, Chengwei Liu and Chenpeng Song

DOI: 10.18280/ijht.340323

3D Numerical Simulation and Analysis of Refrigeration Performance of the Small Diameter Vortex Tube


Qianjian Guo, Xiaoni Qi, Zheng Wei, Pengjiang Guo and Peng Sun

DOI: 10.18280/ijht.340324

Similarity Solution on MHD Boundary Layer over Stretching Surface Considering Heat Flux


M. Ferdows, Tania S. Khaleque and M.Z.I. Bangalee

DOI: 10.18280/ijht.340325

Comparative Study between 2D and 3D Modeling of Nanofluid Filled Flat Plate Solar Collector


R. Nasrin, M. A. Alim and S. R. Ahmed

DOI: 10.18280/ijht.340326

Experimental Study on Hydrodynamic Performance and Heat Transfer Mechanism of Vapor-liquid-solid Three-Phase Fluidized Bed


Qianjian Guo, Xiaoni Qi, Zheng Wei, Binbin Yang and Peng Sun

DOI: 10.18280/ijht.340327

Performance and Emission Study on a Dual Fuel Engine with Modified Gas Inlet


S. Sendilvelan and C. Sundarraj

DOI: 10.18280/ijht.340328