Vol. 59, No. 1, March 2016

Wavelet decomposition based skewness and kurtosis analysis for assessment of stator current harmonics in a PWM – fed induction motor drive during single phasing condition


A. Chattopadhyaya, S. Chattopadhyay, J. N. Bera, S. Sengupta

Coding strategy behavior related to microphone integrity in cochlear implants using the recognition of syllables in a noisy environment


P.A. Cucis, E. Veuillet, E. Truy, H. Thai Van, F. Millioz, S. Gallego

Effect of microphone cleaning on syllable recognition performed by cochlear implant users using the CIS and NofM coding strategies


P.A. Cuci, E. Veuillet, E. Truy, H. Thai Van, F. Seldran, S. Gallego

Multiple Kernel Sphere with Large Margin for Novelty Detection


X. M. Cheng, B. Zheng, W. J. Hu

Research on personalized tourism attractions recommendation model based on user social influence


Zhijun Zhang, Huali Pan, Gongwen Xu

Compressive sensing radar based on random chaos


Jun Tang, Lin Zhang, Jiangnan Yuan

Tensorial biometric signal recognition based on multilinear PCA plus GTDA


Fan Zhang, Ke Sun

Scale invariant constrained deep network for head pose estimation


Jiao Bao, Mao Ye

Modal parameter identification for transmission tower based on point spectrum correlation function of time-frequency distribution


Zhou Ling, Li Ying-tao, Chen Jin, Yang Chao-shan, Deng Zhi-ping

Partner selection mechanism of cooperative innovation in project-based supply chain based on the effect of knowledge level


Chen Wei, Yang Bai, Lin Chuan

A new subspace based speech enhancement algorithm with low complexity


Qi Sun, Xiaohui Zhao

An improved randomized algorithm for detecting circles


Lianyuan Jiang, Zhiwen Wang, Yiyi Xu, Meizhen Liu, Jian He

Multi-objective particle swarm optimization algorithm for recommender system


Zhaoxing Li, Chen Li, Zhang Jue