A Survey on web data linking

A Survey on web data linking

Manel Achichi Zohra Bellahsene Konstantin Todorov

LIRMM / University of Montpellier, France

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31 December 2016
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Data are being published continuously on the web in a decentralized mannerleading to a web of heterogeneous data. Given the large amount of published data, access torelevant information becomes difficult, hence the need to interconnect these data. In thispaper, we propose a survey on approaches and tools addressing the data linking problem.The particularity of this survey is that we consider the linking processes as a pipelinecomposed of pre-processing, main matching and post-processing phases and we review thedifferent techniques applied on each of these three steps in service of the global linking task.The actual task of linking two data instances is certainly at the core of this process; however,what happens before and what happens after this task is performed, is of crucial importancefor the effectiveness and the efficiency of a data linking tool. One of the importantcontributions of this paper lies in the organization of the approaches and tools in a (pseudo-)taxonomy, with respect to the three major steps of the matching process (pre-processing, datamatching and post-processing), splitting them further into several categories according to thetasks that each approach adresses and finally – according to the techniques that are applied.We additionally consider a fourth, multi-step category of methods – those that act on morethan one step of the matching process (they can be found, on multiple leaves of ourtaxonomy). Finally, we describe and compare different state-of-the-art approaches and toolsaccording to a set of criteria.


web of data, data linking, instance matching

1. Introduction
2. The Data Linking Problem
3. Review of Single-step Methods
4. Multi-Step Methods
5. Discussion and Comparison of the Tools and Approaches
6. Conclusion and Future Work

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