Vol 85, No 1, March 2016

Hiemenz magnetic flow by differential transformation method and pade approximant


M.K. Nayak, G.C. Dash

Heat conduction model development of a cold storage using eps insulation


N. Mukhopadhyay

MHD free convection and mass transfer flow through a vertical oscillatory porous plate in a rotating porous medium with hall, ion-slip currents and heat source


M. Delowar Hossain, M. Abdus Samad, M. Mahmud Alam

Thermal radiation effect on MHD 3D flow and heat transfer of nanofluid past a shrinking surface


M.K. Nayak

Optimization of combined conductive and convective heat transfer model of a cold storage using Taguchi S/N ratio analysis


N. Mukhopadhyay, P. Mondal

Optimization of convective heat transfer model of cold storage with circular fins evaporator using Taguchi S/N Ratio and ANOVA


N. Mukhopadhyay, M. Mondal

Steady MHD flow and heat transfer on a stretched vertical permeable surface in presence of heat generation/absorption, thermal radiation and chemical reaction


M.K. Nayak

HWire coating analysis in MHD flow and heat transfer of a third-grade fluid with variable viscosity in a porous medium with internal heat generation/absorption and joule heating


M.K. Nayak

Mathematic simulation on the coordinated forces exerted on in-service joint supports


Huayou Liang, Haiqing Zhou, Shuling Zhou, Jianqing Li

The structural parameters optimization of asphalt foaming cavity by response surface analyzing


Haiying Cheng, Fudong Wei, Zhiyong Hu, Wenyan Chen

An evaluation of the strain-based critical plane parameters for multiaxial low-cycle fatigue evaluation


Ernian Zhao, Weilian Qu

Elastoplastic analysis of circular tunnel using nonlinear improvement of unified strength theory


Weiping Liu, Xiaoyan Luo

Deployment algorithm using fluid dynamics for agriculture sensor networks


Xianghong Tian

An experimental study on the stability bearing capacity of a new type of steel formwork


Fankui Zeng, Jie Tang, Zhenjiang Sang, Hongliang Zhang