Vol 26, No 1, June 2008

An analytical study of two-phase forced convective condensation of vapors inside horizontal tubes


Sarma, P.K., Ramnarayanan, C.P., Kedarnath, C., Kishore, P.S., Rao, V.D., Sharma, K.V.

DOI: 10.18280/ijht260101

Vapour condensation in presence of air in the tosqan facility: A computational analysis


Forgione, N., Paci, S.

DOI: 10.18280/ijht.260102

Interaction particle-turbulence in dispersed two phase flows using the Eulerian Lagranian approach


Mergheni, M.A., Ticha, H.B., Sautet, J.C., Nasrallah, S.B.

DOI: 10.18280/ijht.260103

Fast transient heat transfer analysis at gas-solid interface


Bartoli, C.

DOI: 10.18280/ijht.260104

CFD analysis of the semolina dough extrusion for short pasta production


Fabbri, A., Lorenzini, G.

DOI: 10.18280/ijht.260105

Experimental study of threaded and grooved radiating pin fin


Ganesh Murali, J.aEmail Author, Katte, S.S.

DOI: 10.18280/ijht.260106

An attempt to solve the heat transfer equation in a model of pyrolysis spray using 4q-order m-boubaker polynomials


Ghanouchi, J., Labiadh, H., Boubaker, K.

DOI: 10.18280/ijht.260107

Heat transfer in thermophotovoltaics radiation filters


Tseng, C.C., Viskanta, R.

DOI: 10.18280/ijht.260108

A numerical study on thermal drying of moist brick


Sadrmomtazi, A., Haghi, A.K.

DOI: 10.18280/ijht.260109

Modelling of the mud drying in a convective solar drying


Chaibi, Z., Gonzalez, A., Zeghmati, B.

DOI: 10.18280/ijht260110

Numerical study of natural convection by the control volume based on finite element method without pressure correction in prismatic cavities


Omri, A., Aîch, W., Hajri, I., Nasrallah, S.B.

DOI: 10.18280/ijht.260111

Numerical simulation for one dimensional open channel transient flow


Triki, A., Hadj-Taïeb, E.

DOI: 10.18280/ijht.260112

Experimental model for the studyof heat transfer in unsaturateed soil: Case of underground thermal storage


Medjelled, A., Benchatti, A., Bouni, A.

DOI: 10.18280/ijht.260113

International Journal of Heat and Technology: Foreword


Colin, S

DOI: 10.18280/ijht.260114

X-ray propagation-base phase-enhanced imaging of the meniscus of a capillary flow in a rectangular microchannel


Vabre, A., Legoupil, S., Colin, S., Geoffroy, S., Lee, W.-K., Fezzaa, K.

DOI: 10.18280/ijht.260115

Results on the viscous slip coefficient for binary gas mixtures


Valougeorgis, D.

DOI: 10.18280/ijht.260116

High speed direct-write for rapid fabrication of three-dimensional microfluidic devices


Bey-Oueslati, R., Palm, S.J., Therriault, D., Martel, S.

DOI: 10.18280/ijht.260117

Thermal behavior during ionic polymer actuation: Empirical results


Johnson, T., Amirouche, F.

DOI: 10.18280/ijht.260118

Numerical and experimental study of micro synthetic jets for flow control


Batikh, A., Caen, R., Colin, S., Baldas, L., Kourta, A., Boisson, H.-C.

DOI: 10.18280/ijht.260119

Rheological measurements on a microfluidic device


Guillot, P., Joanicot, M., Colin, A., Bruneau, C.-H., Colin, T.

DOI: 10.18280/ijht.260120

3-D reconstruction of velocity profiles in rectangular microchannels


Lattes, C. B., Newport, D., Chiavaroli, S., Morini, G.L., Baldas, L., Colin, S.

DOI: 10.18280/ijht.260121

Thermocapillary manipulation of microfluidic droplets: Theory and applications


Gallaire, F., Baroud, C.N., Delville, J.-P.

DOI: 10.18280/ijht.260122

Slip flow in triangular and trapezoidal microchannels


Pitakarnnop, J., Geoffroy, S., Colin, S., Baldas, L.

DOI: 10.18280/ijht.260123