Enrico Lorenzini

University of Bologna (Italy)

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In this round table have been developed some specific themes of the general problem of 'thermal' energy, analised too often by incompetent people. The people who run the energy policy - not only in Italy - are politicians, often heterodirected by the ‘’ strong powers’’ that act for their profits, ‘strong powers’ that then divide by inventing ridiculous phenomena like Greta. And now that's enough.

There is a huge void on these issues in Italian politics. It would be necessary great politics and a political school - made not of chatter, but of technical concepts - to which we could offer a scientific and cultural contribution. Our task is not political, but to offer politics a serious and precise support. The ideal energy situation in Italy existed before the Second World War, when substantially all electricity was produced with hydroelectric power with a little geothermal integration. Then following the well-known tragic events, everything changed, we favoured - for a moral and cultural breakdown - the interests of other countries and even now our being in Europe should be deeply changed. We have to promote advanced researches, even if acting in the vacuum of politics and in the absence of national programs.

In this vision ‘AIGE’ is carrying out a strategic research project, as a pilot guide of many other similar projects to compose - from national policy - a true modern and flexible industrial strategy for our young people in order to find their professional satisfaction here in Italy. AD MAJORA!