Cyber security in internet of things

Cyber security in internet of things

Asim IsmailMuhammad Saad Robert Abbas 

Shaheed Zulfikar Ali Bhutto Institute of Science & Technology Dubai Campus 345004, United Arab Emirates

Macquarie University Sydney NSW 2109, Australia

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20 January 2018
29 March 2018
31 March 2018
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Internet has become a vital part of our lives. The number of internet connected devices are increasing every day and approximate there will be 34 billion IoT devices by 2020. It is observed that security is very weak in these devices and they can be easily compromised by hacker as some manufactures failed to implement basic security. Current devices use standards that are easy to implement and works for most forms of communications and storage. There is no such standard solution that will work on every device within the Internet of Things, because of the varied constraints between different devices, resulting in classifications within the Internet of Things.

This research addresses security challenges in the Internet of Things (IoT). To this end, it’s the discussions of the IoT evolution, architecture and its applications in industries. Secondly, it classifies and examines privacy threats by survey, pointing out the challenges that need to be overcome to ensure that the Internet of Things becomes a reality.


Internet of things, cybersecurity, cybersecurity challenges and recommendations

1. Introduction
2. The Importance of Iot Data
3. Material and Methods
4. Result and Findings
5. Discussion and Future Work

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