Intelligent calibration technique using optimized fuzzy logic controller for ultrasonic flow sensor

Intelligent calibration technique using optimized fuzzy logic controller for ultrasonic flow sensor

Pijush DuttaAsok Kumar 

Department of Electronics &Communication Engineering, GIMT, Krishnagar, Nadia, India

Department of Electronics & Communication Engineering, MCKV Engineering College, Kolkata, India

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In this paper an intelligent flow measurement technique is designed by ultrasonic transducers with the help of optimized Fuzzy Logic controller.The main objectives of the present work is to make the intelligent flow measurement  technique adaptive to variations in pipe diameter,liquid density& liquid temperature & make a linear relationship between input & output parameter.The output of an ultrasonic flow transducer is frequency which is converted to voltage by using the signal conditioning circuit. For calibration purpose an optimum Fuzzy logic controller is placed instead of conventional calibration circuit and it is test & trained for various values of pipe diameter,liquid density ,liquid  temperature & signal conditioning output.The proposed technique is then subjected to the practical data for validation which is done with the help of actual flowrate & output of the intelligent technique.


Ultrasonic Flow Transducer, Flow Measurement, Sensor Modelling, Fuzzy Logic Controller, Optimization.

1. Introduction
2. Ultrasonic Flow Meter
3. Data Conversion Section
4. Problem Statement
5. Problem Solution
6. Conclusion

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