Elastic Buckling Analysis of Uniaxially Compressed CCSS Kirchhoff Plate Using Single Finite Fourier Sine Integral Transform Method

Elastic Buckling Analysis of Uniaxially Compressed CCSS Kirchhoff Plate Using Single Finite Fourier Sine Integral Transform Method

Hyginus N. Onah Clifford U. Nwoji Charles C. Ike* Benjamin O. Mama

Department of Civil Engineering, University of Nigeria Nsukka, Enugu State 400001, Nigeria

Department of Civil Engineering, Enugu State University of Science and Technology, Enugu, 400001, Enugu State, Nigeria

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11 May 2018
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21 June 20118
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In this study, the single Fourier sine integral transform method was used to solve the elastic buckling problem of Kirchhoff rectangular plates simply supported at two opposite edges x = 0, and x = a and clamped at the other two edges y = 0, and y = b. The problem considered was that for uniaxial uniform compressive load in the x coordinate direction. The single finite Fourier sine integral transformation was applied to the governing fourth order partial differential equation of Kirchhoff plates under uniaxial uniform in-plane compressive loads to convert the problem to a fourth order ordinary differential equation in terms of the finite Fourier sine transform space variables. Solution of the ordinary differential equations yielded the buckling modal shape functions in the Fourier sine transform variables. Enforcement of boundary conditions along the y direction at y = 0, and y = b yielded an algebraic eigenvalue eigenvector problem which was solved to obtain non-trivial solutions. The characteristic buckling equation was obtained by requiring the vanishing of the matrix of coefficients as the transcendental equation involving the buckling load. The buckling load was obtained by solving the transcendental equation for various assumed values of the plate aspect ratios. Critical buckling loads for various values of the plate aspect ratio were found to be identical with classical solutions obtained in the technical literature. The present study thus yielded exact solution for the buckling loads and buckling modes of uniaxially compressed Kirchhoff plates; illustrating the effectiveness of the analytical tool.


elastic buckling equation, critical buckling load, characteristic buckling equation, Kirchhoff plate, eigenvalue problem

1. Introduction
2. Research Aim and Objectives
3. Theoretical Framework/Governing Partial Differential Equations
4. Methodology
5. Results
6. Discussion
7. Conclusions

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