A flexible retraction cable reel based on planetary gear drive

A flexible retraction cable reel based on planetary gear drive

Hengcan Li Zhenwei Yan  

Mechanics Institute, North China University of Water Resources and Electric Power, Zhengzhou450045, China

Corresponding Author Email: 
30 June 2019
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This paper designs a flexible retraction cable reel based on planetary gear drive. Taking planetary gear as the actuator, the proposed device can accommodate the cable automatically to the proper retraction force through the auto transmission of actuator, thereby achieving the balance between output torque and friction torque. In addition, the relationship between the torque and the speed of each output shaft was discussed by the physical design of the device, and the working mode of the cable reel was described in details. Through an application test, the proposed device was proved flexible in retraction, allowing the reel to furnish the cable with less tensile during operation. The research findings provide an effective way to prevent the cable damage in existing cable reel units.


 cable reel, flexible retraction, friction disk, planetary gear, torque

1. Introduction
2. Working principle and structure design
3. Dynamic analysis
4. Working mode
5. Conclusion

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