Automatic generation of bas-relief on 3D models based on 2D images for rhinoceros

Automatic generation of bas-relief on 3D models based on 2D images for rhinoceros

Sha Liu Feng Yang  Shunxi Wang  Yu Chen 

College of Engineering, China Agricultural University, Beijing 100083, China

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In view of the difficulty in generating bas-reliefs on 3D models with Rhinoceros, the most popular industrial design software in China, this paper puts forward a method to generate bas-relief on the surface of 3D models based on 2D images, and embeds the method into a Rhinoceros plug-in with the aid of RhinoScript. Through application verification, it is proved that the plug-in enables the automatic generation of base-relief from 2D images on Rhinoceros. The research findings provide an effective tool for industrial designers.


rhinoscript, bas-relief, 2D images, surface

1. Introduction
2. Pretreatment of the 2D images
3. Generating the bas-relief on the curved surface
4. Algorithm verification and plug-in development
5. Conclusions

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