Impact of the Liquid Film Composition of the Water Evaporation by Free Convection

Impact of the Liquid Film Composition of the Water Evaporation by Free Convection

A.S. Al-Ghamdi

Mechanical Engineering Department, College of Engineering, Umm Al-Qura University, Makkah P.O. BOX 5555, Kingdom, Saudi Arabia

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31 December 2014
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This paper concerns a numerical analysis of the evaporation of binary liquid mixture by free convection into air and superheated steam inside a vertical channel. The first plate is externally insulated and wetted by an extremely thin water film while the second one (y=d) is dry and isothermal. The effects of inlet liquid composition on the distribution of the velocity, temperature, concentration profiles and the axial variation of the water evaporation rate are analyzed. As was found in former work, this study shows that from a certain value of the inlet liquid concentration of ethylene glycol, it is possible to evaporate in the same conditions more water than if the film at the entry was pure water only.

1. Introduction
2. Analysis
3. Solution Method
4. Results and Discussion
5. Conclusion

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