Design of Muffler for A Low Powered Gas Turbine Exhaust System

Design of Muffler for A Low Powered Gas Turbine Exhaust System

P.K.SarmaRajesh Ghosh Y.V.S.N.Murty V.DharmaRao 

GITAM University, Visakhapatnam, INDIA

GVP College of Engineering, Visakhapatnam-530048, INDIA

30 June 2012
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The report contains the design of the muffler to be installed in the stack of chimney for low powered 10 megawatt gas turbine. The parameters pressure and temperature of the exhaust gas are to be gradually reduced in three successive modules with the energy considerations. The design is accomplished for a range of possible magnitudes of friction coefficients for the gas expanding through perforations. Besides, based on the results of computations drawings are provided with the aid of auto cad for manufacturing and fabrication purposes.

1. Introduction
2. Review of literature
3. Formulation of The Model
4. Numerical Method
5. Acoustic Control
6. Results of Computation
7. Conclusions
8. Acknowledgement

The authors of the report greatly appreciate the support to Consultancy Projects and Collaborations (C P C) of GITAM UNIVERSITY Visakhapatnam by the President and Chancellor Dr. M.V.V.S.Murthy. Besides, the team expresses their appreciation to the Vice Chancellor, GITAM University in providing facilities to carryout the work.The authors thank ULTRA DESIGNS Ltd.,Visakhaptnam for permitting to publish the article.


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